We all know that bread forms a vital part of a balanced diet, but what makes ‘Kenblest Bread’ so special?

Here’s why – at Kenblest we only use the finest ingredients, starting from the flour we use. Our bakers’ flour comes from our very own mill, and is fed directly into our bakery; a one of a kind process in Kenya, giving Kenblest Bread its distinguished fresh taste. Our flour blend includes soya flour, which enriches the natural goodness in each loaf, which contributes towards a healthier lifestyle and is rich in Protein. Even the water we use is treated and just the right minerals are retained giving an even healthier loaf.

Kenblest White Bread

Baked to perfection our white bread has a rich taste as all our ingredients are sourced with the aim to achieve the best quality bread. We do not compromise on quality for the sake of saving on cost thus culminating in a unique taste experience.

Our White Bread comes in an array of sizes and style:

  • 200 gms Unsliced Bread
  • 200 gms Sliced Bread
  • 400 gms Unsliced Bread
  • 400 gms Sliced Bread
  • 400 gms Sliced Bread – Wax paper Packaging
  • 400 gms Milky White Bread
  • 800 gms Sandwich Bread

Kenblest Brown Bread

For the health conscious individual, ‘Kenblest Brown Bread’ is a healthier alternative to include as part of a balanced diet. Unlike the typical off-the-shelf brown bread, ‘Kenblest Brown Bread’ is made using the finest quality whole meal flour, and has No Colouring or additives. Simply a heart-warming and healthy loaf of brown bread, Kenblest – The taste of good health.

Our Brown Bread comes in the following sizes:

  • 400 gms Unsliced Bread
  • 400 gms Sliced Bread
  • 400 gms Sliced Bread – Wax paper packaging
  • 800 gms Sandwich Bread
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